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Karin Volkoff,

Karin Volkoff ND, LMT is a Naturopathic Doctor (since 2001) and licensed Massage Therapist (since 1997) who has been working at Corbett Hill Wellness Center since 2001.  She is passionate about offering health & wellness education about how nutrition, healthy diet and lifestyle changes can influence health, disease, longevity and genetic potential.  She offers evidence-based natural treatment options to conventional medical treatment like pharmaceuticals and surgery.  The goal of treatment should always be to offer the least invasive and most therapeutically-effective plan to fit the needs of each patient. 

You can expect to receive a comprehensive patient-specific treatment plan that includes questions about your health history, an examination (appropriate to the health complaint), possible laboratory (bloodwork) tests, imaging studies when necessary, and coordination of care with any other health practitioners from whom you may be receiving medical treatment.  Treatment plans will include recommendations for your acute or chronic health problem, as well as how to prevent relapse of symptoms or risk for future health problems.  This is where Naturopathic medicine excels as a preventative tool for chronic or recurring disease.  Inflammation is an underlying trigger to most acute or chronic diseases.  If you are experiencing flare-ups of pain or progressive systemic illness, inflammation is usually at the center of the problem.  While this seems a simplistic approach, it can be very effective to reduce pain and symptoms.  Diet and specific nutritional therapies are used to achieve this goal and get you feeling better, with improved energy and sense of well-being.  When appropriate, Dr. Karin Volkoff may choose to prescribe a pharmaceutical medication along with your treatment plan if it is deemed necessary to meet your health goals.  Changes in laboratory tests or imaging studies are used to follow how the treatment plans are influencing & benefiting physiologic changes in the body to reach your health potential.

Some of the more common health conditions that Dr. Karin Volkoff treats include thyroid complaints, fatigue, anemia, digestive problems, irritable bowel symptoms, heartburn/reflux, cholesterol problems, blood pressure, headaches, migraines, female hormone problems, PMS, menopause symptoms, neck & back pain, nerve pain in arms/legs/feet, sciatica, and certain autoimmune illnesses.  You are welcome to a free 15-minute phone consultation to ask about your specific health concerns.  Please bring any current laboratory & imaging reports to your first visit to help facilitate our treatment plan together.


Dr. Karin Volkoff received her doctorate in Naturopathic medicine at NCNM (now NUNM) in 2001.  Her undergraduate degree at Oregon State University was completed in Biology and Pre-Medicine (1994).  Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) complete a 4-year post-graduate education that includes an educational process similar to a conventional Medical doctor in certain aspects. Both medical schools are accredited by the Federal government.  NDs are required to graduate from an accredited 4-year graduate medical program and pass rigorous state licensing exams to be allowed the privilege & responsibility to practice medicine in the state of Oregon.  Extensive continuing education is required annually to maintain an active Oregon license and stay current on changes in medicine and pharmacology.  Naturopaths share similar courses to MDs the first 2 years of medical school–courses include the basic & clinical sciences like anatomy, human physiology, biochemistry, embryology, pathology, pharmacology, clinical physical diagnosis and laboratory diagnosis. The following 2 years of education include numerous natural therapies and clinical experience that will offer you the best care and alternative options so that you can make informed decisions about your health care.  NDs are trained in both conventional medical pharmacology as well as evidence-based natural therapies so that we can provide safe & appropriate medical care to meet your needs.


Dr. Karin Volkoff offers Naturopathic billing services with the following health insurance companies:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
HealthShare of Oregon

* NPI (National Provider ID #: Karin Volkoff Smith ND – 1245311836)

We also offer billing services for MVA injuries (Motor Vehicle Accidents). Please bring your claim information at the time of service.


Feel free to call and ask questions. Education is the first step in learning how you can treat your health concerns and feel better! Dr. Karin Volkoff is available Monday – Thursday at Corbett Hill Wellness Center. Best of health to you!!

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