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Therapy Lasers

Drug Free, Surgery Free, Advanced Pain Relief

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Drug Free, Surgery Free, Advanced Pain Relief

Now Available at Corbett Hill Wellness Center

Our practice is among the first in the area to invest in a Deep Tissue Therapy Laser from LiteCure Medical.

Drug free, pain relief is the goal for individuals suffering from acute or chronic pain. Now we can offer you a non-surgical option that truly has the power to eliminate or significantly reduce your pain. Five to ten brief treatments with this powerful laser is all it takes to realize life changing results. The Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers work by flooding the tissues with photons, energizing the damaged cells and increasing circulation to the painful area. This produces a cascade of healing responses in your body, reducing inflammation, thereby reducing or even eliminating your pain. Treatments take just a few minutes, however the therapeutic effect continues to soothe and heal long after you leave the office.

Cleared by the FDA in 2007, this Class IV therapy laser delivers light energy into the patient’s body. When this light interacts with damaged cells, cell respiration is improved, inflammation reduced, and nerve conduction slowed for immediate relief from pain. Patients suffering from migraines, musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, neck and back pain or conditions, now have an alternative to surgery and drugs. The LightForce EX offers: Drug-Free, Surgery-Fee, Pain Relief.

Videos About LightForce Lasers

Audio interview with Dr. Will Harden talking about LightForce Laser Therapy.