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Individual and Family Counseling provides a space to address your concerns and areas of growth. We will listen to what your soul, mind and body are communicating through exploring your thoughts, longings, behaviors, symptoms, dreams and stories.

The Triskele (my logo) symbolizes how we build health when we find balance within three areas of our lives; the mind that knows, the body that feels, and the soul that moves us forward with passion.


The mind is a powerful force within every human. Our mind helps us deal with painful feelings of loss, depression, anxiety, and shame. It can also address having a lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed, or not being able to let go. Where we focus our mind affects our health, our productivity, and our relationships.


When we experience trauma, stress, and difficulties and don’t deal with the emotional part of it, this experience can be stored in our body. Often our bodies will start crying out in pain or dysfunction trying to get our attention and asking for release. When the body does not heal through usual medical means, it has been shown to be beneficial to explore it symbolically and through story collecting, to assist in healing or to speed up the healing process. Our bodies know how to demand our attention.


The soul is that which drives us forward in life. If gives life meaning, reminds us of who we really are, and what we really want in life. Counseling can help you live a more authentic life and identify your passions and goals. It can also address areas in life where you feel stuck or like you don’t fit in. In addition, it can help those who are struggling with or wanting to grow in their spirituality and in their relationships with others.

Ideally, our work together can help you realize your own individual path within your community and come to understand and respect yourself and others better through the process. You determine your own goals and we work toward them together through thoughtful conversations and creative activities, like working with myths, dreams, sandtray, role-play and art.

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Francesca Dodson


Please contact me at 503-225-9033 x306 for more information.

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