Chiropractic Care


Good backAn experienced, well-trained Chiropractor understands that healing is a unique process for each patient. One that varies for each person and condition. Effective care requires knowledge, understanding, and experience in a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options and “tools”.

“Proper function” of the body, i.e., a healthy body, requires, among other things, a well-functioning nervous system. The nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord and nerve roots and nerves themselves, “runs the show”. It controls each and every function of the body from head to toe as each second, tens of thousands of nerve impulses travel from brain to body, body to brain, constantly changing according to the conditions. Like electricity passing through the wires of a skyscraper…Like the rays of the sun shining on a garden.

The spinal misalignment, known as a “vertebral subluxation”, interrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system at the nerve root. An association between spinal misalignment and internal problems was first demonstrated by a medical doctor in 1925. In 1975, at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, it was found that the weight of a dime on a nerve root reduces the transmission of the nerve impulses along that nerve by 40% after three minutes! A vertebral subluxation can exert at least this much force on a nerve root…even without causing pain! And this misalignment is CAUSED BY STRESS! Stress comes in many forms: developmental problems beginning in infancy, early childhood injury, postural irregularities, athletic injuries, excessive computer use and prolonged stationary positions, irregular sleep positions, falls, motor vehicle accidents, even mental and emotional stresses.

The consequences of the subluxation might be obvious: back pain, neck pain or headaches, numbness of pain into an arm or leg. Or it might be less evident, like heartburn or digestive problems, chronic health problems or low energy/fatigue. It might be of obvious cause such as a car accident, athletic or work injury or a fall, or maybe it’s from having the same job or activities day after day, or from the stress of burning the candle at both ends.

So if you aren’t thriving, it is in fact possible, that you have developed a “chiropractic problem”. If so, all the medications in the world won’t make it better. After all, if the fuse is blown, changing the bulb won’t make the light work, and if the sun is blocked fro the garden, all the best fertilizer won’t make it grow.

Dr William Harden, DC